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Vitcose-D® - Ultimate Glucose Energy Drink

Vitcose-D®'s primary ingredient is Glucose powder (Energy Mix) that is specifically designed to refuel your body quickly and effectively. Vitcose-D® is made up 99.4 % pure glucose powder, which is absorbed by your body in less than 10 seconds.

Additionally, it contains no Fat, Cholesterol or caffeine. Vitcose-D® is mixed in water and consumed. It immediately increases the glucose level in your blood. It is best consumed before training to prepare your muscles for action or in midst of a competition. Its formulation is based on years of research and feedback from some of the world's top academic and practicing experts in the field of medicine. Unlike sports drink, Vitcose-D® is easy to carry and does not contain any caffeine, it is made of pure glucose and vitamins.

Vitcose-D® is excellent nutrient supplement during hospitalization, pregnancy and in case of hypoglycemia. It also supplies extra energy to children during Exams and Sports. Moreover, it helps you fight against fatigue and tiredness caused by the blazing summer heat



Vitcose-D® is a well established brand since the year 1990. The Brand name Vitcose-D® was coined as a combination of "VIT" from VITAMINS and "COSE" from GLUCOSE. The company Bentley & Remington allocates annual budget for branding activities through out the country to ensure good market presence and growth of the brand VITCOSE-D®.


® : VITCOSE-D® is a registered trademark and is protected under Trademarks Act,1999.

Customer Satisfaction

It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one. We at Bentley strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the key to our product success. We strive hard to ensure that the customer gets the maximum satisfaction in terms of both Price and Quality. This policy has helped us  in making Vitcose-D® a success story.

Crossing the Finish Line
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