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Food for thought : Glucose is good for Learning and Memory.

It is a question that students have always pondered : What foods are best consumed to boost performance during difficult learning tasks and tests? Some swear by protein rich eggs and others say almonds,but according to recent brain research, potatoes, bread and other low-fat carbohydrates are a better bet.

Benefits of Glucose

The key ingredient is glucose, which boosts people's cognitive performance. In recent studies they found that it improves people's adeptness to tasks involving memory and attention.

Researchers have long known that glucose fuels the brain, and have always assumed that brain has a ready supply. But studies show that learning tasks quickly depletes the brain's glucose reserves. What's more, they found that replenishing the supply with glucose drink helped learn more.

To see if the same is true in all people, researchers gave elderly and college students tests of short term memory, attention and motor function. Before taking the tests, participants drank orange juice sweetened with either Glucose (VitcoseD) or saccharin. The Glucose showed strong effects : Elderly people who drank it recalled almost twice as much than people who drank saccharin. Similar results were found in college students where students were able to tackle much harder challenges with ease.

It is advisable that children consume a glass of Glucose drink before school or any activities. This will help in better attention span and improved performance. A glass of Vitcose a day, will keep your child a winner all day.

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