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Yoga Vs Gym, which is better?

To keep up good health, it is absolutely necessary to indulge in physical activities. Physical activities, in general, are linked to a host of good benefits, such as reduced stress and a healthier and better out look, besides increasing the body's resistance against complications such as heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and muscle pain among other problems.

Similarly, the practice of yoga is an ancient tradition well known for its health benefits. In addition, walking can further complement the practice of yoga and they can together prove to be highly advantageous, to the extent where they can be possibly regarded a better alternative to the act of gymming.


Yoga Vs Gym :

Here are a few benefits of gym workouts followed by the benefits of yoga.

Benefits of gym and other exercise:

1) Keep muscles fit.

2) Enhance respiration and perspiration

3)Helps in weight loss.

4)Relieve stress

5)Increase appetite and food consumption

Benefits of Yoga along with Mild Cardio :

1) Keep you fit throughout the day

2) Help bowel movement

3) Increase mind control over body

4) Improve blood circulation

5) Relieve anxiety and keeps one stress free

6) Can be practiced anywhere and everywhere.


Differences :

Although it can be argued that gym workouts are better than yoga and vice-versa, the subject is highly ambiguous and debatable. Since both the activities are good for your health, physically as well as mentally, it is difficult to say which one is better, perhaps a detailed comparison of the differences between the two maybe more helpful :

1) While Gymming and other exercises focus on building the body and helping you attain the desired figure, yoga aims at regularising the entire body mechanism, with more emphasis on mental control.

2)While gym workouts maybe more expensive, yoga requires minimal accessories and is therefore more economically convenient.

3) Yoga is suitable for people of all ages, while gymming and other intense physical activities are not advisable for old people or those with certain medical ailments such as hypertension, heart problems etc.

4) There are minimal withdrawal effects of yoga in contrast to gym workouts.

5)Gymming requires you to go to the gym and use equipments, whereas yoga can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Gym and yoga are both beneficial in its own ways and contribute to our health. It is upto us to decide what suits our body the best. Will be happy to hear from you, so please do write down your comments below in the comment section.

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