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5 Reasons Why you need Glucose Drinks to Beat the Heat Wave

Glucose is one of the major energy source for the cells and organs of our body. Our body gets tired after different activities like travelling, sports, workout and it needs instant energy. Apart from water a glass full of glucose water is the best source to stay hydrated in hot summers, especially right now when heat waves are expected. Here are 5 reasons why you need glucose drinks to beat the heat wave.

1. Instant Energy

Glucose is the primary source of energy, when you consume glucose it gives an instant kick of energy to your body.

Glucose for instant energy, Glucose Benefits

2. It cools down body temperature

A chill glass of glucose water is the perfect way to stay cool during the heat of summers. Glucose along with water instantly dissolves in the body and prevents your body from dehydration.

Glucose helps to cool down body temperature, Glucose benefits

3. Helps in muscle recovery

In summers, after a long and intense workout session your muscles get sore. Glucose is the best source to provide muscles energy to repair themselves using protein.

Glucose helps in muscle recovery, Glucose benefits

4. Fuel for the brain

The brain demands a constant supply of glucose, which is primarily obtained from consuming carbohydrates. Only in extreme cases, brain uses other substances for fuel apart from glucose.

Glucose acts as a fuel for the brain, Glucose benefits

5. Keeps you healthy

Glucose provides energy for physiological processes such as respiration, heart rhythm and the regulation of body temperature. It travels to different parts of the body to fulfill its essential purpose and keeps you healthy.

Glucose for healthy living, glucose benefits

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